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Sep 6, 2020

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COACHA for Teachers - Learn N APP

Thank you for choosing COACHA! as your Japanese study companion.

Sit down the couch, have a coffee, and make a registration to get ready for your learning journey.

COACHA! is the Japanese learning app and also is integrated to a several months designated course.

Learning foreign language is not easy and no shortcuts as you know.
However, you could have a better way or fulfillment of learning process/ results, such as "HACK the learning Japanese".

We hope you will acquire Japanese language as your great second language by learning on hand to suit your lifestyle.


- Location free learning
You can learn anytime and anywhere

- JLPT N4 level-ready design
Approximate guide for N4 level study list

- Integrated four skills
Our associated Visual learning materials, Quiz and Assignments grow
your four skills in a good balance such as Reading, Writing, Listening and

- Online interaction experience
As the highlight of fostering speaking skill, you can participate a small groups of online interaction lesson, called COACHA! AirClassroom*.
(*Paid user only)

- Receive periodically feedback from professional language instructors
Your learning process could be encouraged by cloud-classroom teachers
in a timely manner*. (*Paid user only)

- Obtain a completion certificate
Users can get a digital completion certificate when finishing all quiz and assignments*. (*Paid user only)

- Get to know study mates
Networking with the other study mates
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