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Oct 6, 2020
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Coffin Dance Runner GAME

Dance Runner | Coffin Run Game

Dance Runner - runner style game! Save the world from the invasion of ancient Cthulhu!

You’re going to have bypass obstacles in different cities around the world! New York, Los Angeles, Moscow, Tokyo, and many others.

Save people and earn extra lives between levels and during the game!

Open the original music in the course of the game! Collect your glasses!

If you are a fan of the Coffin Run Game, you must try your hand in our game.

Our game Dance Runner is still in development, within a short time will add 5 additional levels, 2D Level in the style of shooter, as well as planned
introduction of a multiplayer game!

Also planned to add a table of top players worldwide in the next version of the game.

In Dance Runner - Coffin Run Game, it is planned to create 20 to 30 levels with different sub-levels each with different gameplay.

Playing Dance Runner is easy and simple, but you need to have a reaction! Remember, only the chosen one can save the world from Cthulhu! And it is You!

You can play our game for free, but we, as individual developers, have to put advertising into the game so that we can further monetize our works and
please you with additional levels, a continuation of the story, and many more interesting ones.

Please understand advertising. If you wish, you can disable it in the SHOP section.

Dance Runner - Coffin Run is waiting for you! Join!
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