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The best coin game. Spin the slot to master your destiny!

Version3.1.3979 (313979)
UpdatedMar 20, 2020 (8 months ago)
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It’s time to start your magical journey on Coin Island!!

This pvp multiplayer game is a dreamy garden that full of amazing! Billions of coins, kinds of pet, unique island and so on. Spin the slot to earn coins! Does today have a good luck?

Come on with your Facebook friends and start your adventure! Millions of players are waiting for you!

● Spin magical Slot
Spin the slot to earn a bonus!! Every spin can bring you coins. Only you need is just a little luck, you will get a big win!! Double bet to get double bonus! What your get are not only coin, you can get other reward such as attack and steal other players.

● Attack and steal others island
Want to earn more coins? Spin slot is not the only way! You can get lots of money by attacking and stealing other players! Using a cannon to destroy island. Find the richest player and steal his treasure. Is it stimulating? But be careful! other player can attack your island and steal your money also. Boom! Revenge those who smash your island and collect shield to protect your island from attack!

● Build your island
Have too much money? Use your coins to build your own islands! There are numbers of theme islands wait for you. Unlock and build the whole island to expand your empire! Being a king or queen in Coin Island!

● Upgrade cute pets
Who doesn’t like a cute pet? Every island has its unique pet! From piggy to cat, or even little mermaid! Upgrade your pet and fight with other players’ pet. The winner will win a rich reward. Come on and be a pet master!

● Dig your mine
There are many ways to get coins, one is digging your mine! There are a lot of coins wait for you to explore. What’s more, you can send your miner to dig other players’ mine! Become the richest man in the game with miner system!

● Play with friends
Don’t want to play game alone? call your friends play together! Join our Facebook community to meet more new friends.

● Global server
Play with other players from all over the world. Who will have most coin? Who will own most island? That person may be you!

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What's New

1. Add 5 new islands
2. Simplified the gameplay

Email: coinisland@outlook.com

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