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AppsCoinLoop APK
Version1.1.1.603 (10101)
UpdatedMay 21, 2019 (10 months ago)
Release dateMay 05, 2019 (11 months ago)

CoinLoop is a cryptocurrency wallet that manages your digital assets portfolio.

CoinLoop is a multi-functional cryptocurrency mobile app that securely stores your valuable digital assets, easily manages your digital portfolio on your palm, continuously provides market updates and access & initiates trading activities on reputable exchanges. It also supports cryptocurrency hardware storage devices such as OctoWallet or Trezor.

Your digital assets are highly secured as your private key is always kept offline in your hardware wallet such as OctoWallet or Trezor. You can send or receive cryptocurrencies, access real-time balances and check transaction histories on your palm. CoinLoop does not require any registration or personal information. Your private key is stored in a hardware wallet such as OctoWallet or Trezor and possesses by you ONLY! All the transactions need to be confirmed on Trezor. Our simple and user friendly design is easy for beginners and also powerful for experienced users.


Secure Wallet - Securely and conveniently send your cryptocurrencies after confirmed your transaction details on your hardware wallet. Your private key would only stores in your hardware device. The offline hardware wallet ensures your Bitcoin transaction is authentic and get full control of your digital assets.

Greater Privacy with SPV wallet - CoinLoop features a standalone SPV Bitcoin wallet connected which provides greater privacy. CoinLoop sends cryptocurrencies transactions by confirming the actions on your hardware wallet. Your send address will change automatically after each transaction which makes it harder to identify your transaction information and your transaction history can be retained privately.

Quick And Easy To Use - Connect to a hardware wallet in seconds to manage the wallet in on your mobile device. Your frequently used address and historical Bitcoin transactions could be stored in your device as an option. As a result, your balance and transactions could be retrieved in a flash.

Delightful User Experience - Easy navigation and a smooth workflow even you are a beginner to blockchain technology. Your user experience is our priority.

Note: You may need a converter to connect hardware with your mobile device.

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