Collaborative Mind APK

Ink based Mind Maps for you and your team

Version1.0-release (2)
UpdatedJan 01, 2016 (5 years ago)
DeveloperMyMoney Inc
CategoryApps, Productivity

Collaborative Mind lets you create ink based mind maps easily, with some well thought gestures. It also allows you to collaborate as a team on a same map, in real time.

Collaborative Mind is powered by WILL SDK, and uses every bit of this powerful SDK, such as:

•  PathBuilder: to build paths from motion events,
•  Smoothener: to smoothen the path,
•  StokeRenderer: to render the built paths into layers,
•  Layers: I used one for strokes, one for shapes, one for connectors...
•  Intersectors: to erase strokes,
•  Encoding / decoding: to save the instance state of the activity, and to send serialized strokes through the network for collaboration,
•  WILL file format: to save and read the map.

Collaborative Mind has been developed for the Inkathon: http://inkathon.devpost.com

Email: noureddine.am@gmail.com

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