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Colorful Bubble Live Wallpaper


Amazing live wallpaper whith moving colored bubbles


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Oct 30, 2020

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Colorful Bubble Live Wallpaper App

Colorful Bubble HD is a colored live wallpaper whith moving bubbles. Colorful Bubble is very customizable, you can set number of bubbles, speed, direction, change background, change color of bubbles etc. Also you can play, pop as many bubbles you can whith a simple touch.
If you like bubbles, amazing style and great graphics download Colorful Bubbles HD Live Wallpaper

Specifications of live wallpaper are:

* NUMBER OF BUBBLES - Increase or decrease the amount of bubbles
* CHANGE BACKGROUND THEMES - (Black, Light Grey, Turquoise Green, Pale Violet Red, Deep Purple, Pure Black, Pure White)
* BUBBLES COLOR - Change color of bubbles (red, blue, green, pink, purple, yellow, sky blue, mixed colors)
* DIRECTION - Select a direction that bubbles should move (left, right, up, down, mixed direction)
* PLAY SOUND - (turn On/Off sound when bubbles are popped)
* SPEED - Select movement of the bubbles (Super Slow, Slow, Normal, Fast)
* FRAME RATE - Select how fast the wallpaper is drawn. Increase for smoother animations or decrease for improved battery life. Adapt your frame rate on your phone or tablet (higher is better)
* DISABLE INTERACTION - Touching moving bubbles has no effect
* SHOW HIT COUNTER - Display a hit counter in the background. Challenge your friends, pop as many bubbles you can
* DISABLE BUBBLES - Bubbles are not displayed. Only the background image is visible. Hit counter is also disabled

This live wallpaper works almost whith all android phones and tablets
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