Colorful Night Light: Lullaby & White Noise Sleep APK

Sleep aid for you and your babies / kids to fall asleep easily with lullabies

Version1.0.1 (10)
UpdatedSep 12, 2020 (4 months ago)
DeveloperEray Aras
CategoryGames, Music & Video

Enjoy 6 Christmas themed animations and Jingle Bells music for holiday. (Available through Jan. 10th 2021)

Colorful Night Light application will help you and your baby relax and sleep;

-52 different colorful animations (including cute and funny animals),
-27 different background colors,
-36 different sounds;
• beautiful lullabies,
• nature sounds,
• ambiance sounds,
• white noises.

You can combine all animations and background colors as you wish. This means 79 thousand different possibilities.

Colorful Night Light is guaranteed to have sweet dreams.

You also have timer options.
If the timer is set, your screen won't sleep.
When the timer is over, your screen will sleep and also the music will stop. This helps protect your battery.

Let's talk about the effects of sounds and colors on children.

The Effect of Sound on Children

We all come from the same place; Womb.
You can imagine that the womb is a relatively quiet and active place.
In addition, ( white )sounds such as vacuum cleaner noise and hair dryer noise may resemble the sounds the baby hears in the womb.
That's why babies sleep well with white noise.
Also, white noise can mask the voices of the household and siblings.
But be careful, the opposite effect may also occur;
If you exceed 65 dB, your baby may develop hearing problems.
We recommend that you set the maximum volume on your device to 60% while using this application.

The Effect of Color on Children

Studies show that the colors effect of children;
• mind,
• creativity,
• productivity,
• learning,

abilities and regulates

• mood and
• emotion.

Colors can also regulate breathing, blood pressure, and even stimulate muscle tone.

The Color Night Light application is very relaxing and we are sure your child will love it.
It will help you get rid of the fear of dark nights.

FREE and completely offline!

Sweet dreams await you.

To protect the baby from electromagnetic waves, parents should not leave the device in the baby bed. Instead, anywhere close to the baby will be fine.

What's New

-Thank you for updating, you will see huge performance improvement.

Colorful Night Light app has never been this much fun and relaxing.

-Christmas theme,

-30 more animations (including cute and funny animals),
-20 more background colors,
-24 more sounds that are;
• beautiful lullabies,
• nature sounds, 
• ambiance sounds,
• white noise.

Email: e.aras.dev@gmail.com

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