Colour Match APK

Complete levels by matching as many colour tiles as you can.

Version1.9 (10)
UpdatedAug 07, 2019 (10 months ago)
CategoryGames, Casual

The fun puzzle game with increasingly difficult levels to keep you having fun and busy. Match as many coloured tiles as you can to complete levels and see if you can beat your own high score. Unlike regular switching games, Colour Match is a click based game where you have to pick the tile you want to colour with the new colour. It's a fun way to play and improve your puzzles and strategy skills. You need to plan exactly which colors go where and plan for the future colors that might go well with your current colours or colours that might not go well with the current colors.

Get 3 colours in a row to crush that row and gain your deserved points. If you think you're up to it, match 4 colours to get even more points and crush more tiles so you can keep going for longer! Use the available tiles as efficiently as you can so you can keep placing the right colours down and match as many as you can. The more colour matches you get, the more points you gain per color match and the quicker you finish your levels. So make sure you get those 4 in a row colour matches, they're worth it. The more colour rows you crush the higher score you are able to get and don't forget those all important 4 in a row crushes.

It may start simple but you will soon notice that Colour Match requires a lot more focus and skill to get through the higher levels and you will need to really think about how you're going to crush those color rows. But if you think you're up to it, then this game should be a fun and great way to pass the time while keeping you focused on crushing.

If you like puzzles you will love Color Match as you test your puzzle skills and push your strategy skills to the limit to complete as many puzzle levels as you can in this fun and casual colour matching game. Train your brain and improve yourself by playing the fun puzzle game and start matching those colors. Improve your brain alongside your puzzle abilities to progress through as many color matching levels as you can and continue crushing those colour rows.

How to play:
Colour Match is a simple game that gets more and more challenging as you progress through the levels.
You start with 16 empty white tiles and you will be given a random color. Click on one of the white tiles to place the random colour on it. To crush a row and get points you need to match at least 3 colors in a row. You get more points if you match 4 colours in a row and this also crushed a longer row, meaning you get more empty tiles to get more points. When all the white tiles are coloured in, you lose.
So, place your colours carefully and plan ahead to make sure you don't collide with other colors and ruin your ability to crush those rows and get those important points.

If you like puzzle games full of color and exciting crushing when you match 3 or more colors that gives you a satisfying feeling of accomplishment. Leave the candies behind and swap them for colors.

Start matching and crushing colour rows now!

Features of Colour Match:
- Fun puzzle style game
- Exciting colours to match, making your boring moments more colourful
- Increase your strategy and puzzle skills by planning your colors
- Unlimited levels
- Satisfying to crush colour rows
- Improve your brain by testing your strategy and puzzle ability

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