Commander Tracker APK

Versatile MTG life tracker for Commander, Brawl and classic 1vs1 games.

Version1.4.0 (104002)
UpdatedAug 20, 2018 (2 years ago)
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We always had trouble in my group keeping track of commander damage, "How much did my commander deal to you last time?", "Is it 21 damage with this attack?", "You have 9 poison, and I proliferate", "WAIT! I'm pretty sure I only have 8 poison", and so on...

This tracker helps keep track of each players life total and posion counters (up to 6 players) and commander damage (up to 4 players, too much clutter after that). You can also use it for Brawl games and classic 1vs1 20 life games.

No ads or any annoying "in your face" features, but if you find this app useful, please consider clicking on the link at the intro screen to send a tip my way to pay for some sleeves, binders, boosterpacks and maybe beers :)

I recommend getting an app to prevent the screen to lock after half a minute, like "Keep Screen On", "Stay Alive" or "Wakey", or anyother that you know of (unless everyone in your area plays combo and this app is completely useless for you). You can also configure the screen settings for dim and screenlock timers.

"Why can commander damage go over 21? Or life into negative numbers?" - Some people like their platimun angels with hexproof and whatnot.

Have fun!

Email: cvergarapastor@gmail.com

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