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Gun Shooter 3D:free shooting games!
War against terror has started and so as the best 3D gun shooter on full action

भारत का नंबर 1 एक्शन गेम आ गया है !! कमांडो मिशन आज ही डाउनलोड करें और भारत के सबसे बड़े सैनिक बनने के मिशन पर जाएं। राजस्थान के रेगिस्तान में इस अद्भुत खेल का आनंद लें और एक वीर बनें।

Мирная игра № 1 пришла! commando mission скачать сегодня.
¡El juego de acción número 1 del mundo ha llegado! Misiones de comando descargar hoy.
i soldati sono prepaired per combattere le missioni di .commando è qui per voi.

Jump into the battlefield along with your friends and make a call against the terror in the world through this free third person shooter game with its great graphics and intense action. beat the team of terrorists and strengthen your team play in this dynamic warfare against rivals with your friends.

Feel free to step into any one of thrilling levels in this 3D Gun Shooter as you shoot your way one level after another to save the world in this FREE shooting games.You won't find more addicting game than this third person shooter fun like FPS in a free game anywhere!

***customise with your weapons from ump, ak-47,bazooka etc.
***customise with your characters in full version launching soon after beta

Engage your player in this epic batttlefield with great graphics in this free shooting games .Engage whole of enemy squad like a FPS game on action

Enjoy FAST-PACED 3D missions along with your friends in this modern combat game.

Call of your duty will take you from one level to another for a variety of third person shooter challenges. Just like any other FPS game, it will get your mobile addiction higher.
In this all-in-one army game series, there are dangers at each stage but your addiction will not let you down.Gather up your courage to SHOOT,FIGHT & SURVIVE mission in this entertaining story.
Your survival will depend upon your AIM and survival skills.
 COMBAT HELI : this deadly war machine is full of weapons to destroy anything that comes to its way.it will be fun to watch this in the battle in this mobile based FPS like game.
 COMBAT VEHICLE: A war machine ready to take on any challenge when it comes to destroying any army.its presence in this third person shooter game is enough to take you down with a 3D Gun shooter mounted on it ,firing continuously in this army game.
 ROCKET LAUNCHER: Another fast and furious war machine ready to take on battle for any challenge.It fires rocket as it detects an intruder and creates a full fun packed third person shooter game for you and team of your friends.
 SOLDIERS : these trained killer war machine are as deadly as you could think,their AIM is accurate like any other fps army game.Compare your score battle with your friends in this team game.
 DESERT ENTRY: it is the entry into the deadly desert with trained army of soldiers to increase your appetite to kill in this furious battle.call your friends to compete in this army game for high scores.
 PLANT: is a setup of enemy plants for producing toxic chemicals for weapons to spread terror in the world.
 FACTORY: is the place to produce war machine to create fun in this third person shooter game.
 CONSTRUCTION SITE: is the place where new constructions are on the boom to build up infrastructure to stop any incoming attack in this army game
 CAVE: is full of deadly team to create a thrilling fun in this 3D Gun Shooter.
 BASE: is the final level to encounter the team of soldiers and furious combat heli.Get fun in firing on this deadly heli in full strength to eliminate the team of soldiers in this third person shooter game.

so if you're ready for this ultimate third person shooter campaign of your dreams, come join this 3D Gun Shooter game to satisfy your hunger towards army game.

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