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Best technique to remove common mistakes in English speaking & Writing

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Common Mistakes in English Offline

Certainly this app (Common Mistakes in English Offline) helps to improve your English while you are trying to write or speak. Especially non-native English learners. Let us discuss this matter! Simply we say-
👎🏼Please answer to my question (But it's wrong)
👉🏼Please answer my question (It's correct)

We discussed all aspect of common mistakes in English.
Here are some common feature of our app:

👍🏻Using the wrong preposition
👍🏻Misuse of infinitive
👍🏻Use the wrong tense
👍🏻Un-English expression
👍🏻Omission of preposition
👍🏻Unnecessary prepositions
👍🏻Unnecessary articles
👍🏻Use of Infinitive
👍🏻Wrong position of adverbs
👍🏻Preposition often confused
👍🏻Verb often confused
👍🏻Adverbs often confused
👍🏻Adjectives often confused
👍🏻Nouns often confused
👍🏻Confusion of number
👍🏻Confusion of parts of speech
👍🏻Miscellaneous examples

Hope, you will complete this app in a particular time & remove all difficulty in English especially in grammatical parts.

This Common Mistakes in English Offline app also added complete English Grammar within this app to better understand the whole concept of common mistake in English.

Our common mistake in english offline is completely different apps from others app because this app ensures the common mistake in english usage and practical life mistake. So, download common mistake in english and remove the common mistake in english and be a good learner

English Grammar section include all basic and advance English Grammar courses include:

👍🏻 Sentence: Introduction and Types, Simple Sentence, Complex Sentence, Compound Sentence, Transformation of sentence

👍🏻 Clauses: Clause and Its Types, Subordinate Clause, Noun Clause, Adjective Clause, Adverbial Clause

👍🏻 Parts of Speech: Parts of Speech and It's Kind

👍🏻 Noun : Noun and Noun Determiners, Countable Noun, Uncountable Noun

👍🏻 Pronoun : Pronoun and Type, Farther Use of Pronoun

👍🏻 Adjective: Introduction of Adjective, Comparative Adjective, Superlative Adjective, Adjective Order

👍🏻 Verb: Introduction of Verb, Helping Verb, Main Verb, Modal Verb, Usage of Modal

👍🏻 Adverb: Introduction of Adverb, Formation of Adverb, Kind of Adverb, Position of Adverb, Adverb of Frequency, Adverb of Definite Frequency, Adverb of Indefinite Frequency

👍🏻 Tense : Define Tense and Type, Present Tense, Past Tense, Future Tense, Formation of Sentence to follow Tense Structure

👍🏻 Narration: Direct and Indirect Narration, Assertive Sentence or State, Interrogative Sentence, Imperative Sentence, Optative Sentence, Exclamatory Sentence

👍🏻 Tag Questions : Tag Questions

👍🏻 Linking Words: Linking Words and its usage

👍🏻 Idiom and Phrases: Introduction and Type, Important Idiom & Phrases

👍🏻 Preposition: Rules Preposition, Appropriate Preposition

👍🏻 Voice Change: Introduction of Voice, Active Voice, Passive Voice, Voice Example

👍🏻 Articles: Articles and its usage

👍🏻 Conditional Sentence: Conditional Sentence and its usage

👍🏻 Capitalization: Introduction of Capitalization, Capitalization Examples

If you like our effort, don't forget to evaluate our hard work of Common Mistake in English.

App link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.minilab.CommonMistakesInEnglish

Email: trmlab52@gmail.com

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