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Most accurate Compass App for Android with Camera view, Speedometer and Maps

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UpdatedApr 26, 2020 (5 months ago)
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**No. 1 app in Travel & Local category of American and European is back with a redesign!**

**This is the most technologically advanced compass app ever developed for smartphones**

*! Some Motorola G series and Samsung Galaxy J series smartphones doesn't have a magnetometer(compass sensor).


1. Google Maps Satellite Mode - auto location, street address, latitude, longitude, altitude, direction, azimuth with complete Google maps ( Google Maps normal + Google Maps satellite = Google Maps Hybrid )

2. Google Maps Terrain Mode - complete geographical map with mountains rivers, etc. along with satellite mode options with street address and Google Maps terrain

3. Camera Mode - complete compass right on top of full screen camera, with touch focus and pinch zoom options plus roll and pitch

4. Telescope Mode - complete telescope camera to easily focus objects for better measurement

5. Night Mode - specially designed for night time use with low display brightness plus all camera options

Outstanding Features:

1. Automatic orientation activation with fixed heading
2. Complete Metal Detector included with color magnetic field warnings and digital value
3. Complete Speedometer implemented with every speed unit type in the Google Maps modes
4. Easy switching between True North and Magnetic North ( you can reset Google Maps north too )
5. Vertical and horizontal lensatic Center Lines, Telescope, Street Address and Google Maps

Azimuth types with unique dials:

1. 360 degree
2. 6400 mils
3. 6000 mils
4. Quadrants
5. Back Azimuth

Speedometer unit types:

1. Speed in meters/second
2. Speed in km/h
3. Speed in mph
4. Speed in foots/second
5. Speed in Knot

How to use:

- cursor shows the vector to tilt the device to flatten it ( forward & backward - from the cursor, left & right - from the opposite direction of the cursor )
- hold the phone parallel to ground using the cursor then the arm and direction headings will appear

N = North
S = South
E = East
W = West
NE = Northeast
SE = Southeast
SW = Southwest
NW = Northwest

- Stunning graphics and real like shadows makes this the best compass out there with complete Google Maps integration

- Fastest response time compass out there

- You can use the compass to check the direction where your furniture headed

* If the compass vibrates, lags or behaves abnormally, it's a malfunction of sensors of your device

*** Keep the device away from metal objects, machinery and high magnetic fields to avoid false results

*** Orientation sensor and magnetometer ( magnetic field sensor ) are required for this app ( for all compass apps )

***** Don't forget to give it 5 stars!!! *****

Compass for Android - Smart Compass App Free for Android with GPS Speedometer and Metal Detector, Night Mode, Google maps, Street Address & more

What's New

#Android 10 support
#Bug fixes
#UI refinements

Email: ashenhirantha@gmail.com

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