Track route with compass navigation, get weather updates

Compass - Weather Updates helps to follow the accurate route with compass navigation with different modes of compass, you may get the current city weather updates and can also find the weather info of different or multiple cities.

Find the navigation directions with different compass views. Get different modes of compass with navigation like Camera, Map, Satellite, Telescope, Grey Scale Compass modes. Change the modes of compass with this Compass - Weather Updates.

This app Compass - Weather Updates gives the weather updates. Just a single tap to find the weather info, you can also enter the name of the city to find the weather conditions

Compass - Weather Updates provides all the following features:
* Compass Navigation
* Weather Updates
* Different Compass Modes
* Multiple Cities Weather updates

App Features:
* Use Compass to find the directions with camera, normal, map, satellite, telescopic views
* Simple and very user friendly with all necessary features that were helpful in daily routine
* Find the Weather Updates with single click
* Check the weather of other cities by entering the name
* You can also change to different Compass modes like:
- Standard
- Map
- Satellite
- Camera
- Telescopic
- Grey Scale Modes.

Disclaimer: Please note that our app Compass - Weather Updates will never upload any of user personal data and developed only for information purpose.
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Version2.3 (14)
Updated2019-10-29 (2 months ago)
Installs 500,000+

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