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Analysis and interpretation of a birth chart from the sky chart.
The interpretation includes the following chapters:
➊ Temperament
➋ Character and personality
➌ Psychological analysis
➍ Professional diagnosis
➎ Spheres of personal realization
➏ Summary and advice
➐ Astrological Dominants
➑ Astro-psychological profile
➒ Technical data astrological
➓ Chart map of birth sky - European or American format
For a total of about thirty pages of astrological analysis.
The analysis of temperament is based on the astrological elements that characterize the primordial vital forces in which the development of the subject is inscribed. More than a formal description, this chapter describes the "operating modes" that seem to dominate the dynamics of the native.
This second chapter is a description of the different facets of the subject's personality. Based on the position of the planets in sign and on the position of the ascendant and his "master", he describes the various instinctual and behavioral tendencies, endeavoring to draw the modalities - arduous or easy - of their integration into within the whole that seeks to synthesize the individuality of the subject.
The psychological study uncovers the basic structure of the native's personality. The following facets are discussed: self-ideal, affectivity and sexuality, mental abilities and dynamic resources.
After having identified the underlying motivations of the subject, the essential psychological functions that contribute to his social and professional integration, the study then completes this description by a behavioral analysis and advice on the best behavior to take in the face of social reality.
In this chapter, it is the complex astrological figures that draw the specificity of the subject that are studied. From their analysis follow general advice and warnings.
This chapter, analyzing more particularly the terrestrial position of the planets, sets out to define the different areas of life where the subject will meet the major opportunities to grow and develop.
Returning to the more general and 'archetypal' aspects, this chapter discusses astrological dominants.
This chapter draws a graphical profile with 17 opposing pairs of fundamental psychological components. This graph sketches the psychological profile of the subject. Each of the elements composing this profile is then the object of an explanatory commentary.
Several readings are usually necessary to grasp the meaning of such a study; We also advise you to keep it and read it over the coming months, in order to have a bigger perspective.

Following this reading, you can also get in touch with an astrologer for an oral consultation - direct contact is often valuable.

The free version of the app is fully functional. The interpretation of the second chapter (Character and personality) is issued to you free of charge so that you realize the richness of your "Astral Mirror". You can acquire online as much interpretation of astral themes as you want.

We loath commercial advertisements concerning our work. But, if you are enjoying this app, we would appreciate that you tell to people who could have a use of it and interest to it, how much you did enjoy it yourself.

What's New

Version Aldébaran-43 - Fixed a bug in the display of the table of astrological elements - Demo version with full version possibility via "Google Play" purchases.

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