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hadith qudsi is the most complete word of Prophet Muhammad

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Hadiths (الحديث) All that is given to Prophet Muhammad, whether in the form of speech, deed, consent, or character, then Qudsi (القدسي) in the language taken from the word quddus, which means holy. Called the qudsi hadith, because this word is attributed to Allah, the al-Quddus, which is the Holy One.

In terminology (terminology) is something (hadith) which is inscribed on us from the Prophet Muhammad who directed it directly, or by the angel Gabriel.

Narrated by Abi Hurairah r .a, he said, I heard the Messenger of Allah say, "Surely one of the first of the reckoning on the Day of Judgment is a martyr who is martyred (fallen in battle); then mentioned to him all the pleasures given to him, and he allowed it. Then Allah Subhanahu wa ta'ala asked him, 'What do you do with that favor?', The man replied, 'I am fighting for you till I am martyred'; God replied, "You lie, (but surely) you fight so that people call you brave, and (the people) have said so, then commanded (angels) to be dragged on his face until it reaches hell and thrown into it". And (hereafter) a man who learns knowledge and practices it and he recites the Quran, then he comes, then mentions the favors given to him and he confirms it. Then Allah asks, 'What do you do with the favor?' The man replied, 'I seek knowledge and practice it / teach it, and I read the Qur'an because of You.' Allah says, "You lie, (but) you seek knowledge to be called 'alim (people of knowledge), and you recite the Qur'an so that people call you qari', and you have been mentioned so (alim & qari ' "Then ordered (angel) to him, so that he would be dragged on his face to hell and put into hell" And (next) a man widowed (rizkinya) by Allah. And endowed with riches of wealth. Then he confronted, and mentioned the favors given to him, and he justified it. Then Allah Subhanahu wa ta'ala said, "What do you do with the favor?" The man replied, "I am not leaving the path I love but I infect my property for You"; Allah Subhanahu wa ta'ala said, "You lie, but you do it all so that people call you generous, and you have been called so." Then he was pinned (angel) to him, so he was dragged on his face, until he was taken and put into hell. (Muslim and so on at Tirmidhi and an-Nasai).

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