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This apps contains legal forms and agreements to safeguard your legal rights

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This application completelly native offline application, so you dont have to get internet connection to use it, and also have build-in :
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2. Search,
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This application contains legal forms, letters and agreements to safeguard your legal rights and protect you, your family,your property, and your business from everyday legal problems.

Contents by Category
A. Business

Board Resolution: Appointment of Auditors
Board Resolution: Approval and Registration of Transfer of Shares
Board Resolution: Approval of Directors’ Report and Accounts
Board Resolution: Proposal of Alteration of Articles
Board Resolution to Call Annual General Meeting
Board Resolution to Call Extraordinary General Meeting
Consent to Short Notice of an Annual General Meeting
Consent to Short Notice of an Extraordinary General Meeting
Director’s Resignation Reserving Rights against the Company
Form of Resolution for Submission to Companies House
General Proxy

B. Buying & Selling
Acknowledgement and Acceptance of Order
Acknowledgement of Alteration of Order
Agreement for the Sale of Goods
Agreement for the Sale of a Vehicle
Anti-Gazumping Agreement
Authorisation to Return Goods
Builders’Work Complaint
Certificate of Product Conformity
Concession Note (Seller’s - where bulk goods do not conform to description or sample)
Confirmation of Verbal Order
Contract for Sale of Goods by Delivery
Damaged Goods Acceptance with Price Reduction
Defect Report Memorandum
Defective Goods Notice
Demand for Delivery
C. Credit & Debt Collection
Agreement to Assume Debt
Agreement to Compromise Debt
Agreement to Extend Debt Payment
Legal Forms, Letters and Agreements
Agreement to Extend Performance Date
Application to Open a Credit Account
Confirmation of Agreement to Pay
Credit Information
Credit Information Request
Credit Reference
Debt Acknowledgement
Demand for Payment (Final)
Disputed Account Settlement
Enquiry on Overdue Account
Letter Acknowledging Request for Trade Credit
Letter Agreeing to Trade Terms
Letter Alleging Passing Off
Letter Refusing Trade or Financial References
Letter Refusing Trade Terms
D. IV. Employment
Alteration to terms of employment
Applicant’s Request for an Employment Reference
Authorisation to Release Employment Information
Change in Pay or Grading Following Job Evaluation
Change in Sales Representative Agreement
Confidentiality Agreement
Conflict of Interest Declaration
Consent to Release of Information
Consultant Non-Disclosure Agreement
Contractor/Subcontractor Agreement
Dismissal, Disciplinary Rules and Procedure
Dismissal Letter for Intoxication on the Job
Employee Agreement on Inventions and Patents
Employee Disciplinary Report
Employee Dismissal for Lateness
E. Loans & Borrowing
Application to be accepted as Guarantor
Demand to Guarantor for Payment
Demand to Pay Promissory Note
Limited Guarantee
Loan Agreement
Loan Note (Long Form)
Loan Note (Short Form)
Loan Payment Record
Notice of Default in Payment
Promissory Note
F. Personal & Family
Change of Address Notice
Change of Name Deed
Child Guardianship Consent Form
Cohabitation Agreement (for Unmarried Partners)
Family Tree
Form of Letter from Testator to Executor
Funeral Wishes
General Power of Attorney
Insurance Claim Notice
G. Residential Tenancy
Company Let
Employee Licence
Furnished House/Flat Rental Agreement
Holiday Letting Agreement
House Rules
House/Flat Share Rental Agreement - Non-resident owner
Household Inventory
Landlord’s Reference Requirements
Letter re Landlord’s Agent’s Authority
Letter re Bills
Lodger Agreement
H. Transfers & Assignments
Assignment of Accounts Receivable with Non-Recourse
Assignment of Contract
Assignment of Insurance Policy
Assignment of Money Due
Assignment of Option
I. Other Legal Forms
Accident Claim Notice
Affidavit of Power of Attorney
Affidavit of Title to Goods and other Chattels

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