Comprehensive blood analysis APK

A, B , O , AB type fashion , romance , driving habits of specific blood type

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All the blood that fixed!

A type? Type B? Type O? Type AB?
Myths about the various types of behavior or personality by blood type, etc. are
Eojjeolttaen gatgido really fit and tongue anmatgi ~ I ~ ~ and also ㅎㅎ

A timid type, B-type bad guy, like a large O-type, X Ico ..? AB type

This prejudice is discarded -
As well as work-life personality by blood type, fashion, love psychology, diet,
How jealous, driving habits, etc. Let's cheating a comprehensive analysis!

How to demonstrate the type of work style and skills in the workplace!

Fashion styles are surprisingly How?

Law of a man and a woman love each blood when love, my lover and long long time
How to stay fit is to know your opponent's style romance!

Driving habits are also different for each blood type?
Thoroughly type of preparation, be careful of a minor type, speed, light type!

Diet is also a way to fit each type?

Cheating ... is ... no ... maybe ... it all day, but ...
Type reaction when he betrayed?

You know, of course haneungeo look for fun -

Blood chemistry work fashion personality type diet jealous love romance sentiment driving habits cheating

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