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French Verbs Conjugation, practice 660 the most used French Verbs, 22 tenses

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If you learn French this application is made for you. You can check more than 63 800 verb conjugation forms with this application. Moreover, you can practice all of those conjugated forms as well.

Verbs are one of the most important parts of any language and knowing of verbs conjugation is vital to speak freely without problems. There are about 8000 unique verbs in French language. If we add reflexive ones we can enumerate about 12 000. Fortunately, the major part of them are 1st group verbs and their conjugation usually does not make any problem. There are also rules for the 2nd group of French verbs. But the most "problematic" group is the 3rd one. There are some similarities in conjugation of the third group of French verbs, but, in general, the rule is quite simple: no rules! Everything should be learned by heart. Moreover, when you study French language you know that the verbs of 3rd group are most frequently used. So if you want to speak French without any problems, you need to know the conjugation rules of French grammar and you have to practice really a lot.

We took 660 most frequent verbs used in French and made conjugation of all of them in 22 different tenses, each tense usually has 6 conjugated forms. Totally we got an immense quantity of forms, more than 63 800.

Need to learn such a vast amount of forms to master French language? Our application-trainer will help you.

Two types of learning are available. The first one is to set the conjugated forms correctly. Second one is to spell the conjugated form. Have a conjugation practice!

With this app a biggest web conjugation dictionary will always be with you.
You can check conjugation every time and everywhere.
Study conjugation using built-in learning mode.
See your results.
Learn French language faster.

Download this app and it will give you a lot of help.

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