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Latest Constitution of Nepal implemented from 20 September 2015 (2072 Asoj 3rd)

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It is a light weight Constitution of Nepal app which is the copy of the constitution of Nepal published on
20 September 2015 (2072-6-3) 3rd Asoj 2072. It is a light weight app among the available constitution of Nepal android apps in the play store.
The main objective of this app to provide constitutional information online or offline to the general people with low storage space in the device as far as possible.

In this application we have copied the words from the book Constitution of Nepal into Devanagari Unicode so there can be some technical issues regarding some words and alphabet arrangements.

This contains Preamble, Preliminary and all other parts along with the nine schedules of the constitution of Nepal as follows :

Part-1 Preliminary
Part-2 Citizenship
Part-3 Fundamental Rights and Duties
Part-4 Directive Principles, Policies and Obligations of the State
Part-5 Structure of State and Distribution of State Power
Part -6 President and Vice-President
Part-7 Federal Executive
Part-8 Federal Legislature
Part-9 Federal Legislative Procedures
Part-10 Federal Financial Procedures
Part-11 Judiciary
Part-12 Attorney General
Part-13 State Executive
Part-14 State Legislature
Part- 15 State Legislative Procedures
Part-16 State Financial Procedures
Part-17 Local Executive
Part-18 Local Legislature
Part-19 Local Financial Procedures
Part-20 Interrelations between Federation, State and Local level
Part- 21 Commission for the Investigation of Abuse of Authority
Part-22 Auditor General
Part -23 Public Service Commission
Part-24 Election Commission
Part-25 National Human Rights Commission
Part -26 National Natural Resources and Fiscal Commission
Part -27 Other Commissions
Part -28 Provision Relating National Security
Part- 29 Provision relating to Political Parties
Part- 30 Emergency Power
Part- 31 Amendment to the Constitution
Part- 32 Miscellaneous
Part- 33 Transitional Provisions
Part- 34 Definitions and Interpretation
Part- 35 Short Title, Commencement and Repeal
Schedule- 1 National Flag of Nepal
Schedule -2 National Anthem of Nepal
Schedule -3 Coat of Arms of Nepal
Schedule -4 States and Districts to be included in the States
Schedule- 5 List of Federal Power
Schedule- 6 List of State Power
Schedule- 7 List of Concurrent Powers of Federation and State
Schedule- 8 List of Local level Power
Schedule- 9 List of Concurrent Power of Federation, State and Local level

It is based on
Constitution of Nepal
Constituent Assembly Secretariat
Singhardarbar, Kathmandu.
(नेपालको संविधान
संविधान सभा सचिवालय
सिंहदरबार, काठमाडौं)

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