Conversion Calculator 3D APK

A rotating 3d conversion calculator with custom colors and conversions.

Version1.1 (10)
UpdatedMar 20, 2016 (5 years ago)
DeveloperKubeWare Media
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Cub-I-Calc Conversion Calculator is a full featured converter as well as a calculator. Simply swipe left or right and the cube rotates to the next face or slide your finger slowly to peek at the adjacent side. Spin it around to the back and pick a custom color for the keypad, border, or text. Solid buttons are available instead of backlit as well.

Assign any of the included conversions to the 2 conversion buttons on the keypad or just use quick convert for a quick answer. Don't see the conversion you need? Create your own with the conversion editor. To swap units on a conversion button just long click it.

Conversion calculator 3d was developed with ease of use and convenience in mind.

Features and use of the conversion calculator:

• 230 conversions with many more to come.

• Tap on a conversion to bring up "Quick Convert". Enter a value and the result is shown. Press the swap button to swap units.

• Create your own conversions and assign them to a category. (All user conversions end with "•")

• Share a conversion result by tapping on it in the history list.

• Drag a result or equation to one of the save spaces on the top. To use the saved value or equation just tap on it. To clear a save space clear the calculator and drag from the blank display to the save space.

• Two keypad layouts.

• Four color scheme buttons. Tap on the one you want to use. They can be edited as well.

• A folder will be created on your SD card named "Cub-I-Calc". This folder contains your user conversions and your favorites, making transferring them a simple task.

Conversion calculator 3d uses the following permissions:

• Network Access: This app is ad supported so you can enjoy it free of charge and requires this permission to display ads.

• Read/Write to SD card: A directory will be created named "Cub-I-Calc" on your internal storage card. This directory contains 2 files, your user conversions and your favorites. This makes transferring your conversions simple.

If you find an error with a conversion, would like to see a particular conversion, or have any other issues please don't hesitate to contact us.

**All conversion results are for reference only. For critical applications please verify the results.

What's New

•Various Bug Fixes
•Added Help Section

Older Updates:
•Added 30 conversions.
•Added new feature:
There are now 4 color scheme buttons, tap on the one you want to use or edit.

Email: kubewaremedia@gmail.com

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