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I want to invite all my best friends to my house for a celebration. I need to make a very delicious pizza recipe . if you have any idea to get this best recipe. can be help me to follow cooking recipe delicious pizza if you like pizza? Sure you like them, you are in pizza and fruit. And if you like pizza then of course you like and birthday parties where you can eat a very delicious pizza. If you want to help a any one whose birthday is today you have to help us prepare a big and tasty cake. Through this cooking recipe delicious pizza you will be able to prove everybody that you are a great friend but also a very good cook that can make the best looking pizza ever !We want the party to be a very beautiful and all friends of our son to be happy. If you want to help some one of the same age with you to have fun with you please respect the instructions of cooking recipe delicious pizza. In this cooking pizza game you have to prepare a cake for your friend's birthday. We are not so good in making pizza, so we need you. The pizza will have three floors and each floor and cream you will have to choose or what bakery items to put on it. First, you must choose the cake base. You can choose a counter top made of pizza recipe. After you choose the cake ice cream, you must choose the preferred model on which we put on the pizza, polka dots, twigs, ice crystal, crown or necklace of hearts. After choosing the model you have to choose and cream to put on this wonderful cake. you will have to go shopping, game pizza this consists in selecting all the ingredients that you need to follow.

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