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Decorate a cool smartphone , battery widget stylish appearance!

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Version2.0.3 (2014111901)
UpdatedJun 19, 2015 (5 years ago)

Decorate a cool smartphone , battery widget stylish appearance!
"" Become a little care of battery consumption of smartphones that there are many . It ... . Want to use more pleasant crunchy "" further
To resolve such a trouble ! Easy to understand and navigate the battery status in the battery tap ! ! This strong support to speed up the crisp smartphone which has become dull and "" simple eco mode "" that can be power-saving long-lasting battery of a smartphone such as one-tap "" task killer "" feature , a comfortable Sumahoraifu ! !

A feature of the Cool Clock! ! ]
★ Check the battery level quickly at any time !
Battery level , battery temperature , voltage , memory situation quickly checked when you tap the widget !
★ I can see to immediately remaining time of the battery ! !
If you use such as inner net call time and , in many situations , any time up to many minutes navigating the approximate time or capable of continuous use from now !

★ power saving in eco mode !
ON / OFF can be set by using one-touch features such as Wi-Fi · Bluetooth · automatic screen rotation and volume settings in the "" simple eco mode "" . I last a long time - and do you Moxa battery of smartphone by being set to OFF details the function point of saving the battery is not in use !
★ smartphone is crunchy with one button !
If you are using a smartphone , apps and data little by little old accumulates in memory , activity slows . In that case, I 'll release the memory using the "" task killer "" !
You can end one-tap memory accumulated when you tap on the button "" end the unnecessary memory !"" Smartphone becomes crunchy easily by using the "" task killer "" in the details if you feel movement is ~ Na slowed recently , it also leads to long-lasting battery !
♪ ★ Announcement alert
Notice to reach temperature and battery level that you have set up and use the alert function ! They will be notified with an alert in advance , helps to minimize that "" there , there are no more battery ! "" Is!
★ redesign of widgets to suit your mood !
Cell design , color pattern can be changed by tapping the widget ! !
Can be combined and a variety of 15 different colors and all two design of the battery !
★ widget size two !
1 × 1 size
2 × 1 size
[Setting method]
Select this app from the tap → 3. 1 widget list . Home screen Press and hold → 2. ""Widgets""
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Android2.1 or more corresponding
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2.0.3 (2014111901) Jun 19, 2015

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