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UpdatedMay 26, 2019
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This is Copabet - predict the World Cup together with friends.

1) Copabet is completely free of charge on a desktop device (computer). If you wish to use Copabet on your phone howeve, then you need to download this app.

2) If you did not join Copabet in time for the World Cup you will not be able to do so retroactively. You can still download the app to make sure you're all set up for future Copabet tournaments.

Anyway, this is Copabet, and we hope to make this year's World Cup even more exciting than it already is. And way more social. The idea is for you to predict the entire tournament and then challenge your friends. Here's how it works:

1. Fill out your Scorecard, all the way from the opening game to the final. If it seems like a lot of work, don't worry, you can come back later and update it as much as you want. BUT, you HAVE to complete your Scorecard no later than 7 pm CET on June 7, right before kick off. If you miss that deadline, you'll miss out on everything. And you can't make any changes to your Scorecard once the Cup has started.

2. You can join public Groups that are open to everyone or private ones that you've been invited to. Additionally, you can start a group of your own and invite your friends, family, and colleagues. Make sure to get everyone to join in. The more people, the more fun.

3. Enjoy the ride! Starting June 7 and all throughout the tournament you'll be awarded points based on your predictions. And this is where the fun begins. With interactive charts and stats, daily e-mail updates and most importantly the social feed in all the Groups you're in will make every single game interesting.

And that's pretty much it. But before you get started, remember that:

- Copabet is all about social and fun. Be nice to each other.

- We are based in Sweden and don't do betting. If you’re looking for live odds, free spin rolls or whatever, check out one of the 7000 gazillion companies offering such services instead.

Let's do this! (Go team Sweden)
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