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Cornrow Hairstyles

When you think of peak 90s hip-hop, what’s the first thing that comes to your mind? For me, it definitely has to be the cornrows that came in a myriad of patterns and styles.

Cornrows have been around for many years now and are one of the most popular protective styles sported by African women. From braided to twisted, thick to thin, and in a variety of colors, there is no dearth of creativity or options when it comes to styling your cornrows. But with that many options comes the worst possible drawback – confusion over what to actually pick!

How To Cornrow Your Hair?
1. Start out by planning what pattern you want your cornrows to follow. (Psssst…our list of ideas below is the perfect place to start your planning.)
2. Spritz on some water all over your hair to dampen it.
3. Brush your hair to remove all the knots and tangles.
4. Part the hair you want to cornrow and section off the rest of the hair with the help of sectioning clips or hair elastics.
5. Moisturize the hair you are going to cornrow with cream.
6. Divide the section into three parts and simply braid it for two stitches.
7. Then, start adding a few strands of hair to the middle section of the braid with each consecutive stitch.
8.Once you have run out of hair to add, simply braid the rest of the way down and secure the ends with a hair elastic.
9. Part the next section of hair that you want to cornrow right next to the first cornrow and repeat all the aforementioned steps until all of your hair has been braided into cornrows.


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