Count on Tips-7 is a mathematics textbook for class 7.

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Mathematics is an integral part of human life. Keeping that in mind, we have launched Count on Tips-7 which follows the latest syllabus prescribed by Educational Boards of India. Book includes the chapters like Introduction to Rational Numbers, Exponents, Powers and Radicals, Comparing Quantities, Algebraic Expressions, Equations, Introduction to Linear Graphs, etc.

In today’s era, education has become advanced. Here is a package of Blueray e-books which is fully loaded with advanced study tools to enhance the knowledge, skills and learning ability of a child. Features of the Blueray e-books are detailed below:

1. Flipbook: If you are facing problems in interaction with e-books, Flipbook feature unites the ease of interaction with the efficiency and increased value offered in today’s era of e-reading technology.

2. Magnification in/Magnification out: When you want to get closer to the interactive content, Magnification in/Magnification out option helps you to get a closer look at a high-quality image that deserves a more detailed and deep study. 

3. Search and find: When you want to look at some important words inside the content, Search and find option helps you to steer straight to the desired words.

4. Bookmark: When you want to add some interesting part as a bookmark, Bookmark feature allows you to add a bookmark and also you can jump to specific bookmarks.

5. Thumbnails: When you want to see every larger image at an instant click without opening it, Thumbnails feature reflects a small image of a larger image, thus make it easier and quicker to look and manage a group of large images.

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Count On Tips 7 2.0

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