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Courage the cowardly plank challenged by jonny APK

the shadow of courage jonny challenges plank..,the most adventurous game ever

Version1.0 (0)
UpdatedOct 23, 2018 (3 years ago)
DeveloperRachid ait el hadj
CategoryGames, Adventure

Jonny,that strange kid with the bald head,is a dreamer. His head teems with
ideas and he loves to be the hero.
jonny carries around his only friend "Plank". Basically, Plank is a plank of wood
with a funny face on it.
Jonny also doesn't know what an imaginary friend is,
despite always having Plank with him,and while he is also
very willing to try new things, easily fooled and amused,
he deceided to turn his best friend "plank" into a power hover skateboard.
There, he faces down danger happily, finding the adventure entertaining
and not scary in the least,at the same time he improves his flying and shooting skills.

cool graphics,fascinating sound effects
unlimited challenging levels
fly,shoot,fire button
a lot of flying ennemies,rockets to fight
Easy to use & a smooth control scheme.

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