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Golf is among the sports that are practiced in a field or field of natural grass outdoors. Unlike many sports, golf does not have a standardized playing surface because a field of this game occupies a large area and is usually composed of 9 or 18 courses. Most of the courses are 18 holes that are at the end of each of the courses where you have to enter the ball with the least possible number of strokes. The order of course of the holes in the field gives name to each of them: hole 1, hole 2, etc. until hole 9 or hole 18 according to the field.
Golf is one of the sports of precision whose objective is to introduce a ball in the holes that are distributed in the field with the least number of strokes, using for each type of stroke a club chosen among several different ones, since the head and the Stick rods have different angles and lengths. The lower the number of degrees of inclination, the greater the length of the rod and, therefore, the greater the distance. A maximum of 14 sticks can be carried. The athlete who practices the game of golf is called a golfer.
All this information is necessary to master this sport, and with this application of Courses to learn to play golf you can improve your way of playing to be the best.
We have designed this application of Courses to learn to play golf with videos of lessons of all levels from beginner to master this game until expert to be the best. Choose among all the lessons the right one for your level of learning to improve your techniques and get to be a good golfer.
Do not miss this opportunity to master and improve the way to introduce the ball into the hole with few hits following the lessons of this free application of courses to learn to play golf.

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