Crazy Pill HD (Free) APK

Version1.0 (1)
UpdatedMar 24, 2012 (8 years ago)
CategoryApps, Tools

Crazy Pill! Eat Pills, Pop Balloons, WIN! Do you like Balloons? How about Pills? Or how about Balloons AND Pills?! Eat Pills, Enter HyperMode, Pop Balloons, Eat More Pills, Throw Poison Pills in Garbage, Soon enough you will be Bi-Winning! -Multi-Touch Supported -High Definition for those with Tablets! -10% More fun than staring into the sun! -5 Worlds -120 Levels Reviews The graphics are great, very colorful and engaging, and the gameplay is addictive and quite fun - Anna Grace @ AndroidZoo​m Think endless bubble wrap. Pop colorful balloons with your fingers. Due to the multi-touch, you can poke many balloons at the same time using your whole hand. The trick is to clear all the balloons of one color before they drift off screen. If you succeed, magic pills appear that you must tap to consume. Look out! Poison pills will not only kill you but also end your turn. -AndroidApps.com -Running on AndEnginehttp://www.andengine.org/ **

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