Crazy Pin Circle Glow - Spinning Wheel Game APK

crazy pin circle glow - spinning wheel game is the best free pin circle game

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UpdatedApr 29, 2019 (2 years ago)
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crazy pin circle glow - spinning wheel game is a simple pins and needles game and its easy to understand and play this pinwheel game. Its really a crazy circle pin wheel game. In this awesome pin and needle game you have to add pins to circle. In this color circle game pins seems easy in first levels, but suddenly increases difficulty level. wheel is spinning and shot pins carefully on the wheel and no pins collide one other. it is the best pin shooter game. game gets harder and tough on next level as the wheel speed has been changed and hurdles begins to increase.
spinning circle is the circle needle pin dots game. his is the best casual and addictive game. this crazy circle game is based on circle spinner, you have simply need to push all pins and complete needle pin circle. tap on the screen and push pins towards circle. speed and hurdles make the game more interesting & tough. pin ball is a mind pleasing strategy circle pin needle game.
crazy pin needle circle glow is to pin all needle dots. play this awesome simple circle glow shape with different levels. simple classic pin ball circle glow test your mind skills, when games gets more challenge-able on every level. play this free circle game and clear all levels. make a strategy to push arrows needles slow or fast as required.

how to play crazy pin circle glow - spinning wheel game:
-tap on the screen and launch the needles to complete speedy circle
-pin every needle to complete the circle and win the game
-If any pin collide each other then game over
-focus on targets other wise you will lose

features of crazy pin circle glow - spinning wheel game:
-simple to play crazy *pin circle Glow - Spinning Wheel Game game
-Touch and launch needle dots circle wheel
-Sharp your brain to make fast and quick decisions

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