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NameCrazyPoly APK
Version2.4.7 (247)
UpdatedJun 16, 2020
CategoryGames, Board

CrazyPoly - Business Dice Game game

Build your monopoly and bankrupt opponents!

Build your monopoly, earn an income and bankrupt opponents!

CrazyPoly is free turn based economic strategy game that allows you to buy business properties, build levels, collect rent, rob bank and so much more. The main objective is simple - bankrupt opponents! The key to be rich is to buy properties of the same color to create monopoly and build more levels to increase rent.

Enjoy the game in two amazing themes: juicy Classic and old Western.

You can play offline with smart robots (easy, medium and hard difficulty) and with a friends (on the same device).

Online play is coming soon.

Your business awaits you in CrazyPoly!
Play & Enjoy!
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