Credit Card Payoff Calculator APK

Version1.3 (4)
UpdatedSep 06, 2011 (9 years ago)
DeveloperRangi Works
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++ There has been several negative remarks about some of the app's technicalities. Please read the technical details below to understand how the app works.

A simple application that shows your credit card pay off details

You can:
* Add multiple in-app credit card accounts
* Select from three different pay off methods
* See when you will be credit card debt free
* View how much interest you will be expected to pay
* Manage your in-app credit card accounts

Please let me know if you have any requests or find any problems or bugs.

Some technical details:

* Minimum payment is calculated by taking 1% of the balance and adding the total accrued interest for that month. Many credit card companies use this method for calculating the minimum payment. However, be aware that some use other methods, so always make sure that you at least pay the minimum on your statement.

* Minimum payment exception: if the calculated minimum payment is below the absolute minimum payment which you can select when you add your account, then the absolute minimum payment will become your minimum payment. Once again, never pay below the minimum payment in your statement.

* All balances are compounded monthly for interest calculations

* There is no grace period, so an interest will be accrued starting the first month

* Interest Weighted Average - this is a payment method that allocates your budget based on the weight of interest accrued. For example, a card that accounts for twice the amount of interest calculated, will give or take twice the amount of the budget allocated. This method will bring down your debt balance of your cards as evenly as possible while trying to minimise the total interest paid.

What's New

Version 1.3:
- Fixed force close when initial balance was set to 0
- Updated add/edit account form so form error info is displayed correctly

Version 1.2:
- The absolute minimum payment can now be selected from 20,15,10, and 5
- Fixed problem where you couldn't delete two accounts in a row

Version 1.1: Made aesthetic touch ups

Version 1.0: Initial release

Email: sajjad.tabib@gmail.com

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