Crescendo Volume APK

Crescendo Volume will gradually increase the ringer volume for an incomming call

Version1.02 (3)
UpdatedDec 26, 2012 (8 years ago)
DeveloperAdrian Nistor
CategoryApps, Tools

Crescendo Volume is an application used for gradually increasing the volume of you ringer for an incoming call. You can customize the time in which the ringer will increase and also the minimum and maximum values of the ring volume.

This application is very helpful when you are in your office, at home, in the morning, or in the night, etc..., and you don't want to be disturbed (you / your near colleagues) by the powerful sound of your ringer. When the incoming call starts ringing at a low volume it allows you to react relaxed. The gentle fade in of the ringtone can be customized to fit your exact needs. In the same time the risk to miss the incoming call it's quite low, because the volume will rise step by step to the maximum defined value in order to help you hear the ring even if the phone is deep inside your backpack.

Over all, Crescendo Volume has also the possibility to work only in a specified time interval, by changing details in Advanced Options.

The application is very "battery friendly" having a minimum energy consumption. Crescendo Volume starts when an incoming call is received and ends when the call is answered or dropped. It does not run continuously and it does not interrogate periodically the system to see the status of the phone.

Access to Phone Calls is needed for being triggered when an incoming called is received.
Access to network/internet is needed ONLY for Ads.

Please give me you feedback (email/comments) in order to help me improving this application.
If you like Crescendo Volume and you find it helpful for you, you can use Donate button in "About" menu. (Thank you)

What's New

Minor fixes for GUI and Ads.

Email: android@adynis.com

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