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Version1.8 (8)
UpdatedApr 29, 2020
CategoryGames, Card

Crescent Solitaire game

Fresh Crescent Solitaire game with double decks of cards and beautiful graphics.

Have you been looking for a quality Crescent Solitaire game but haven't found one? Our two decks Patience card game will certainly offer a challenge, and is considered by some to be one of the most intense, and most difficult Solitaire games created.

-- Object of Game --

The object of the game is to build out the foundation inside the middle of the Tableau Arc or Crescent. The top pile starts by going up with Aces and the second pile starts be going down with Kings.

-- How to Play --

Only the top card of any pile is available for play. Cards from the Tableau may be moved onto foundations in sequence (Example: Two can be placed on a three, or three can be placed on a two depending on the type and the suit of the foundation).

Cards on the Tableau may also be played on other piles within the Tableau. This reveals new cards which can possibly be played onto the Foundations.

If all of these options are exhausted, then the option to pull all bottom cards from all stacks within the Tableau and place them on the top of each pile is available. This can be done by pressing the button between the undo and hint on the left side of the game.

A video will be added soon to show live how the game is played for those needing additional instructions.
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