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CrimeSeenUK connects you and your neighbours and ensures that YOU are receiving alerts about crime and suspicious activity in YOUR area!

The app allows users to report any crimes, near misses, or any relevant behaviour that could help you and your neighbours to stay safe and secure and to take every precaution to protect yourselves from known activity in your community and beyond.

When a user reports an incident, everyone else in their area receives a notification to let them know about it! If a user reports an incident that requires feedback (for example: help to recover stolen items or details of an alleged hit-and-run driver) they can enter their contact details in the text of the report.

Visit www.crimeseen.uk for more information about the app and our mission to connect neighbourhoods and communities.


You can report crimes and suspicious activity yourself or simply view details of what other users have been reporting in your area. Reports can be submitted anonymously to avoid any retribution or unwanted attention.

When submitting a report, it is important to give as much detail as possible to help your neighbours to fully understand the risks and, if appropriate, to help you get the result you need.

You can also attach a photograph of anything relevant to your report, for example: a pic of a stolen item or footage of anti-social behaviour.


You can also configure how you see the incidents your neighbours are reporting:

You can receive alert notifications as soon as a report is made; or

You can simply regularly review the Newsfeed function which lists all the incidents reported in chronological order.

Or both, of course!


Crimes and suspicious activity are split into three core categories to help to prioritise incidents for the user.

Examples of Category 1 incidents are:

Burglary; vehicle break-in; theft of a pet, car or bike; vandalism, drug dealing; and violent behaviour. This list is not exhaustive and users may decide, at their discretion, to report any incident and attach to it a ‘Category 1’ alert.

Examples of Category 2 incidents are:

Attempted entry to property (house, shed, garage etc) or attempted entry to a vehicle; dangerous driving; other drugs related incidents; graffiti; or a suspected prowler.

Finally, examples of Category 3 incidents are:

Anti-social behaviour (particularly regular hot-spots); suspicious door-to-door callers; suspicious vehicles in your street; and any other suspicious behaviour worthy of note.


You can easily configure the centre of the area you wish to follow (typically your home address, of course!) and the size of the radius in which you want to receive alerts. The radius can be anything from 1 to 150 miles!

You can even check on places you plan to visit, or plan to live in, to see what’s going on and what other communities are reporting.


This app works best when the whole community is involved, and when neighbours - many of whom you may not have mobile phone numbers for - are all contributing vital information.

There are two ways to share the app to get more people using CrimeSeenUK:

SHARE the app via text, email, or your usual social media accounts with people you know or are already connected with; or

DOWNLOAD INVITATIONS using the link within the app which provides you with an A4 PDF of ten invitations that you can print out and post through the letterboxes of people on your street or around your wider community.


At CrimeSeenUK, we are continually striving to improve this app to make sure it is providing a high level of service to the communities it is helping to support.

If you have any feedback, or any suggestions as to how we can improve the app or features you would like to see, please contact us at info@crimeseen.uk

What's New

Staged rollout of push notifications and related features

Email: info@crimeseen.uk

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