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CallSitter call manager customized call blocking, silent, customized SMS & Timer

Version1.2 (4006)
UpdatedApr 22, 2016 (4 years ago)
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Criticalys CallSitter is to call like a babysitter for a baby. It has few unique features as a toll gate for the incoming phone calls and takes actions as per the configuration set by you with customized SMS, Silent and Normal Alarm setting and Timer. It is for busy people who do not either have time to learn a complex app or do not like cluttered app but something just serves their entire purpose of managing calls easily on the go.

It let's you send auto text (SMS) messages including the generic and receiver specific customized text (SMS) messages for each number that are pre-configured. It also provides pattern matching where you give any pattern (full or part) of the phone number for making it silent or blocking as configured. It is a Simptility (Simplicity + Utility). In this version, it has 7 main features.

1. White List
2. Second quick successive incoming call ringing enabler
3. Block List
4. General SMS List
5. Customized SMS List.
6. SMS Busy Timer (a timer that sends how long you are going to be busy whenever you receive a call that you don't answer)
7. Alarms to make your profile silent and normal during your chosen time slots - once, daily, weekly.

Once the CallSitter App is installed - by default the phone ringer mode will go into silent mode for any incoming call.

White List: When numbers are added in this List, the phone will ring normally when a call from these numbers comes, even if the phone profile is in silent mode.

Second Quick Call: Example: Assume a phone call comes from a number that is not in your white list, the phone ringer will go into silent. If this calling phone calls you again within 2 minutes, the phone will ring normally. This is to make sure if someone you know in emergency is calling from another number which is not in your white list. You can enable or disable this feature. If this feature is disabled then even if the number calls within 2 minutes it will keep going to silent (if the number is not there in the white list).

Block List: The configuration of this list has 2 sections: 1. Add numbers to be exempted from being blocked. 2. Add numbers that are to be blocked.

General SMS List: Numbers added to this list will receive a default SMS from the phone when it is not answered. Users can also put their own general SMS.

Customized SMS: Users can configure different SMS for different numbers. For example: for phone number 1 you may set one SMS and number2 a different one and so on. The calling phones will receive SMSs (text messages) as per what you set for those numbers individually.

SMS Busy Timer: User can set a 60 minute timer before going into an activity where he/she will be busy for an hour and can't take calls - say for example: a meeting or driving or prayer etc. Once set, the customized timer (this timer is not running continuously to create a burden on phone charge/processor but gets the remaining time mathematically at that point when SMS is received) will start invisibly and the SMS will be appended with the remaining time. For ex: If anyone calls after 15 minutes of setting the timer, the SMS to him/her will say that the user is busy until 45 Minutes. If anyone calls after 30 minutes, it will say user is busy until 30 minutes and so on.

Alarms: You can set start, end alarm - for once, daily, weekly. When start time is reached the phone goes into silent mode and when end time is reached the phone goes into normal mode. This is useful when you want to have your phone automatically go into silent mode during meetings, prayers, night etc. During the silent period the white list phone numbers will still ring the phone normally. You can also cancel the alarms individually as needed.

Individual views to the lists and resets including a master reset is provided for convenience. Also, users can start or stop the App with the click of a button.

As mentioned, Simplicity and Utility have been focused much. Some features may not work or work well for dual SIM phones.

Email: support@criticalys.com

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