How to Crochet a Baby Dress

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Crochet Baby Dress

How to Crochet a Baby Dress - Before you start knitting it's a good idea to first understand everything that relates to knitting itself. Definition of Crochet, Differences crochet with knitting, knitting equipment, symbols in knitting, the term crochet, all kinds of knitting yarn, Various types of knitting knives, and so on.

Differences Crochet or Knitting
Knitting is divided into 2 ways: Crochet or Knitting, both are knitting techniques. The difference:
- Crochet: Simply crochet using 1 needle.
- Knitting: knitting using 2 needles.

Crochet terms:
• Lp = Loop = circle of thread on hakpen
• Turn = Back
• Sp = space = space
• St = stitch
• Crochet Marker = stab marker
• MC = main color (used if pattern uses more than 1 color)
• WS = wrong side = back view
• RS = right side
• Magic Ring

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