No one is safe in this intense Crocodile Sim!


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Mar 20, 2017

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Crocodile Simulator 3D GAME

Swim and Crawl! Hunt and Attack!

Play as a huge crocodile predator and learn the fun of devouring your prey. With an appetite as big as the size of this water beast, you can hunt and eat anything. See the world as an angry monster that will attack anything it sets its bulging eyes on. Control this giant in water and on land.

This seemingly easy task is compromised by hunters ready to shoot on sight. Attack the people on boats and on the beaches with your massive jaws to create some havoc before they escape. Complete your hunt before you get hunted yourself!

Crocodile Simulator features include:
•30 angry croc missions for you to sink your jaws into
•Real water physics, cool crocodile movements and animations
•Beautifully crafted 3D graphics and realistic water environments: including beaches, docks and the open sea
•Fun joystick simulator controls to make the crocodile swim and attack

Try out this fun Crocodile simulator and learn how it’s like to be a hungry gator! It’s your turn to be angry NOW! *CHOMP*

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