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Compared to other embroidery, cross-stitch draws attention with its more elegant appearance. A cross-stitch, known as cross-stitch, is embroidery on a square pattern or plain fabric. Cross-stitch, which can also be applied as etamine on normal fabrics, is in the dowry of many young girls. Cross-stitch work can also be done by stretching the fabric of an apparatus called a hoop.

The materials you will need to do a cross-stitch can be listed as follows. Needle, fabric, yarn in all colors and sample patterns that you will apply to the fabric you need to process are required. In order to do cross stitch processing, if you are going to do primarily etamine, you will need etamine fabric, if you are going to do a pulley job, a hoop and plain fabric are required. Vivid color patterns are more preferred in cross-stitch works and give a more eye-catching appearance. The processing time of a cross-stitch pattern you can process can vary depending on the size of the pattern. In cross-stitch pattern turns, which are processed with needles into the cross holes, the first cross is processed in the opposite way.
You can decorate this embroidery, which is very simple to make and looks very stylish when you apply it, by applying it on the edges of your napkins, towels, baby blankets, tablecloths, pique and many other handicrafts.
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