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GamesCrossword Maker APK
DeveloperBramnet Games
Version1.0.1 (14)
UpdatedMay 27, 2019 (10 months ago)
Release dateApr 25, 2019 (11 months ago)

Create crossword grids and share them with your friends.

Do you like crosswords ?

Crossword Maker enables you to be in the creator shoes by offering you tools to create your own and unique crosswords.

Personalized your own grids and share them with friends so that they can try to solve them.

• Create grids as big as you want with words and definitions of your own choices. You can even make them up !
• Dictionaries are here to help you out finding words to fullfil the grids.
• Once completed, send your grids to your friends through Bluetooth or by mail
• Solve the grids you made or the ones you received directly through the app.

Crosswords maker enables you to really have total freedom and imagination by letting you entirely choose the words and definitions you like. Private jokes, anagrams, GPS coordinates, codes... Be creative and innovative in your grids !

Crossword Maker is a free price app.
This means that you can download the entire app for free and try it out, without being bothered by advertisements. If you're satisfied, then you can buy it for the price of your choice, this being the only income resource of the developer.

Have fun!

Crossword Maker APK