Description: Crossy Road: Disney Adventure APK
Version1.0 (1)
UpdatedMay 06, 2019 (11 months ago)
Release dateMay 06, 2019 (11 months ago)
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Supergamestech providing an animals hopping cross road addictive game.

Hop your way into the most fun animals hopping cross road game today. A simple fun and addictive game that the whole family can enjoy.

Its like an infinity runner with a twist.Tap the screen to jump, try to go as far as you can! it is based on the classic froggy-like games! Simple and fast gameplay, easy to learn, easy to play, Go now on your journey and live your own adventure! It’s jumpy and crossy,road is full of dangers though! Be careful of various obstacles! Avoid many cars and trucks! Swipe to the sides to escape all dire situations! Go past the rivers, don’t get wet! Jump on logs and don’t fall into the water! Be the best hopper! Play with your friends for even more fun and see who will go the furthest! Become the master jumper of all time! Travel through rich, colorful never-ending environment! This fantasy world is waiting for you! Beautiful graphics make this game even better! Stylish, hop as far as you can going past many obstacles, sometimes jumping past them some times moving along your path to create a safe point to continue forward. Bring your frog on the road and dodge fast moving traffic. Even if you go past that into the green belts there are still many obstacles to save your animal hopper from so you always have to be alert of the dangers.

So what are you waiting for, bring out the gameboy in you and make those mega jumps and take your frog hopping through the smashy roads.