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Beautiful Crow Wallpaper Graphics HD Backgrounds Free!

Raven kind of bird from the genus of crows. Raven the type species of the genus Corvus described by the Swedish physician and naturalist Carl Lina in his seminal work Systema Naturae in 1758. As generic and species names are taken from the names of birds in ancient sources first from the Latin corvus the second from the Greek. The closest relatives of birds are considered a desert burogolovy and piebald Ravens and American Chihuahuan Raven.

Ornithologists isolated from 8 subspecies of bird but in spite of the enormous spread region phenotypic differences between them are small and often explained clinal variation rather than genetic characteristics. In particular the difference in body length in some cases correspond to the rule of Bergman the cooler the climate the larger living in it specimens. In addition to overall size the variability is also seen in the beak proportions the degree of development of elongated feathers on the neck and color tones empennage.

On the other hand a similar morphology is not always indicative of the genetic identity American molecular biologists conducted a study of birds tissue samples from around the world singled out a special 2000 California put Crow in which the sequence of the mitochondrial genome of more than 4% different from the same sequence at all other birds. In this case the birds that live in the western US looks no different from birds living in the east and north of the country. Moreover the ravens of Minnesota Maine and Alaska a relative were significantly closer to the crows of Eurasia to the crows than neighboring California.

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