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Crush Ants Game is a game that consists of crushing the ants before they reach the top, play and smash as many ants as you can and earn many points, you must crush ants with your finger, challenge your friends to do the best game. You must be agile because the ants are very fast, they take away lives, if you lose three lives the game is over.

Crush Ants It is a very entertaining game for boys and girls, you can also play it while you travel back home and it is a free game. With crushes ants you can calm stress and burn some adrenaline.
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What's New

We've updated this app by adding a new level, now you must crush brown ants that are faster, play at level 2 and manage to beat your own score or that of your friends, if you do not get tired of your hand

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Crush Ants Game Best 1.02

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1.02 (2) 2018-09-30