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Customize Call experience & short video creation community platform for fun

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UpdatedApr 21, 2021 (3 weeks ago)
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World’s 1st Calling Tune as a Service, wherein Calling Party Can Decide, what Plays on Called Party's mobile device, WHEN YOU CALL THEM!!

Need a quick and interesting way to communicate your message or share your feelings? This is purely a joy! Get ready to reprogram your thinking and change your way because Ctunes is going to invade your life! Live differently because you are now going to think better with Ctunes, the only app which helps you to set Caller tune and Calling Tune (Reverse Caller tune) and thus make your mobile phone an effective tool to express!

Let Us Reflect On Something!

Do some thoughts keep you or your dear ones down? Then, Ctunes is for you!

Do you want your friends and family members to start their day with gratitude? Then, Ctunes is for you!

Do you want to grab the opportunity to handle anything that comes your way more beautifully? Yes, Ctunes is a pure joy!

Ctunes is a free, dynamic, feature-rich, unique and patented Caller Tune or Calling Tune (Reverse Caller Tune app) for Android smartphone users. Ctunes helps users to decide what plays on their own mobile device and friend’s device when a friend calls them and they call their friends.

Imagine a festival is approaching; and you are far away from your friend or family. One of your friends sets an old video featuring your celebrations with your dear ones as a tune; starting your day with such a call that reminds you how grateful you are to have those beautiful moments in your life is what makes a life! Isn’t it? Ctunes is about everything that makes our days worth living!

Ctunes allows you to:

1. Decide what plays on your friend’s mobile phone.
2. Set your favourite song, video, music, audio, etc. belonging to any genre as Caller tune or Calling Tune (Reverse Caller tune) to be played on your or your dear one’s device.
3. Play a personalized voice recording on other’s phone, based on the occasion, festival, celebration and simply a mood! Because what goes inside one’s mind matters.
4. Use social media content as caller or Calling tune (Reverse calling tune)! Well, this may come as a surprise to you.
5. Let others love to call you even when you do not answer by leaving a video mail or voice mail to the person.
6. Effectively manage your known or unknown calls with a powerful, personalized message, carefully-crafted.
7. Record a personal message on every special occasion like Anniversary and Birthday and set it as a reverse caller tune for your dear ones when you call them.
8. Select and view category images of your preference for every incoming and outgoing call. This is really going to make your calling experience memorable and unique.
9. Let people know why you're calling them with Call Reason, When calling them from Ctunes app.

Instead Of Ring, Let It Sing!

Our list of satisfied clients all over the world is growing by leaps and bounds because we have served the need which was never realized earlier. We are always excited to hear from you because your feedback only adds to the value this app offers! Please email your questions, concerns or feedback at:

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The app is designed and developed thoughtfully by a team of technocrats who have years of experience in the telecom industry to their credit. Things are different here because our team is defined by,

1. Brilliance And Dedication At Every Level
2. Out-of-the-box Idea
3. Customization Re-defined
4. Quality Service
5. Transparent And Adaptable Process
6. Evolving Technological Solutions
7. Assured Confidentiality And Data Security

We adhere to our core values – Innovation – Excellence – Teamwork and Customer Delight. We strongly believe that our core values drive what Ctunes is all about.

Ctunes brings to you an exciting way to express what you feel for others.

Be The Change!! Ctunes

What's New

📞 Introducing Answer style : Now you can customize the way you answer your calls. 🤳

🔥🔥 Now create content videos and get viral on the internet🔥🔥.

🎥 Content platfrom☆: A new stage to show your talent to the whole world, create content and get viral on the internet, follow influencers or be the one.

Share videos to whatsapp or any other platform, or even use content videos as ctunes and see those on your calling screen as well.

India ka apna content platform made by indians.


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