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Cuemath app is a free learning app for kids of Kindergarten to class 10. It offers brain training, live online classes, math games and other tools for kids to build problem solving skills and elevate their IQ.

We are building the world’s foremost educational app for kids. More than 400,000 kids around the world use the Cuemath learning app every month to master their math and coding skills. We deliver on our core promise - 10 minutes of daily brain training on Cuemath learning app will make you an Olympian problem solver.

Math Gym
Train your brain with Math Gym

- Math Gym is our learning app’s free brain training tool with 50+ math games, brain games, math puzzles and math riddles to help kids improve their memory, focus, speed, IQ, calculation and accuracy.
- It covers all aspects of brain training through simple math games on arithmetic (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division) and advanced brain games on reasoning, aptitude, geometry, algebra, coding, data-ai, etc.
- The brain games and math games are adaptive. The difficulty level changes based on questions attempted after assessing a kid’s areas of strengths and weaknesses. And we provide in-depth analytics to track progress.
- The brain games and math games are designed to make learning interactive and fun for kids. Kids get rewarded with Cuecoins after each attempt and Math Stones after each level up.
- 10 minutes of playing Math Gym everyday can elevate kids’ IQ and cognitive skills.

Live Online Classes
Book a free math & coding online class

- You can now book and manage Cuemath’s flagship live online classes for kids in math and coding through the learning app. However, the classes take place on a laptop/PC.
- The online classes are live and not recorded. They are delivered by experts who make learning interactive and help with doubt solving.
- The live online classes have a blend of worksheets (with autocorrect feature), math games, and other interactive tools for effective learning. The syllabus is in sync with all the school boards.
- The online courses are designed by experts from IIT and Cambridge. They are available for kids of Kindergarten, class 1, class 2, class 3, class 4, class 5, class 6, class 7, class 8, class 9 and class 10.

TUCO - The Ultimate Cuemath Olympiad
Participate in the all India national math olympiad hosted by Cuemath

- TUCO is an annual math olympiad which gives more than 500,000 kids from across India an opportunity to compete with each other.
- The olympiad contains a combination of math problems, math puzzles, and math riddles designed by experts from IITs and the winners get attractive cash prizes and goodies.
- The registrations are open for kids of Kindergarten, class 1, class 2, class 3, class 4, class 5, class 6, class 7, class 8, class 9 and class 10.

Multiplication Games
Learn tables with Multiplication Games

- It is important for kids to understand that multiplication is successive addition and therefore we offer free multiplication games for kids in our learning app.
- Learn any multiplication table and test your multiplication skills by playing multiplication games in different orders like forward, reverse or dodge.
- Learning the ability to multiply two numbers within seconds will elevate kids’ calculation speed.

About Cuemath

- Cuemath’s courses and curriculum are designed by math and coding experts from the best universities across the world.
- Cuemath is backed by Sequoia Capital and Capital G (Google), the world’s leading venture capital firms.
- Cuemath was awarded India’s No. 1 math learning program by EdTechReview.
- Cuemath kids stay ahead of their class by 2 years in school and competitive exams.
- 3 out of 4 Cuemath kids bagged the top ranks in the International Math Olympiad (IMO).

For more information, visit https://www.cuemath.com/ or write to us at cuemath.app@cuemath.com

What's New

- TUCO’s first round of test is live on the app.
- ‘Need help’ feature to enable a dedicated support system to address any queries and concerns.
- An all new Math Gym experience. Adventurous. Rewarding. Playful.
- Treasure island theme math games with Cuecoins and Math Stones as rewards to collect.
- Now you can schedule a free demo of the Cuemath class through the app.
- Bug fixes, optimizations, and updates.

Email: app@cuemath.com

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