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UpdatedOct 16, 2020 (1 month ago)
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The learning of cartoon stick figure shapes and color painting will bring more joyful experience to children!
The boring geometric shapes become interesting and cute shapes to draw, so that every child can easily learn and experience the infinite fun of drawing!
【Digital Scribbling】According to the laws of children's cognitive development, scientifically age, and customize learning plans for preschool children. The first step is to start with cognitive numbers!
【Letter Learning】Learn ABC easily! Write and read, let your baby win at the starting line~
【Word pronunciation】Each animal has a corresponding word and pronunciation. The process of coloring can learn English words. Mom no longer has to worry about learning. Learning English starts with the baby!
【Fun coloring】Develop baby's intelligence and artistic enlightenment, rich in simple strokes, easy to use coloring, matching English words, learning and entertainment, customized for babies.
【Free painting】Freely use the baby’s imagination, without destroying the walls and furniture at home, so that the baby’s creative works are preserved, which is also a kind of commemoration~
【Photo graffiti】Parent-child time is a happy time for every family. Take out a photo of dad and do it together, and have fun with your baby.
【Rich templates】Let your baby easily learn basic knowledge of life, while enjoying the fairy tale world of colors, while learning common food and tools in life.
【Color recognition】The various colors filled around us, take the baby to the world of colors, learn about colors, and can also tune out rich colors by yourself to feel the superimposed changes of different colors~
【Intellectual development game】Use your little hands, move your cerebellum, help your baby exercise concentration and memory, and develop the baby's unlimited potential~

What's New

Optimize performance, fix bugs, solve the crash problem of some models, and improve application stability

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