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Curling App ,will provide you all basics to guide you correctly to be professi..

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Curling App ,will provide you all basics to guide you correctly to be professional in curling.

Are you a curling fan? Then try this Curling guide.
You’re not a curling fan? Try Curling e-book anyway and you’ll fall in love with curling and our guide.

Curling app Features:
- Championship’s Roster
- Teams
- Eligibility
- Academic
- Athletic
- Citizenship FF
- Maximum years of participation

curling game played on ice (especially in Scotland and Canada)in which two teams of four players each compete in sliding large stones toward a mark in the center of a circle.Compare ,in which large round flat stones are slid across the surface towards a mark. Members of a team use brooms to sweep the surface of the ice in the path of the stone to control its speed and direction.

A team shall be comprised of a minimum of four players to a maximum
of five players and one certified coach. Games cannot be played with two or less players. There will not be a pool of alternate players.

Each gender will play a full round robin of seven (7) games from Saturday night to Tuesday night. The playoffs will be held Wednesday.
There will not be any tiebreaker games played. Ties will be broken by who beat who and failing that, by the accumulated draw shot distance from round robin play.

curling e'book is one of the best app if you want to know alla about this pretty game .
This app is played on a flat ice curling sheet, roughly 15x150 feet.

Shooting percentages are listed for hits and draws, in-turns and out-turns, and the type of shot (open hit, hit and roll, runback, etc.)

We hope that you enjoy Curling on Android and appreciate all your feedback. We've been reading your emails and many of you will be happy to see your suggestions in the next version.
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We made this App only as a FREE FAN APP with no cheats, only for those who wants to enjoy the game.
If there is any trademark or copyright violation that does not follow within the fair use, please contact us and we will immediately take action on i

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