Curse of Abandum APK

Unique rpg and arcade mix. Quests, deadly monsters and tons of loot awaits!

Version0.1.7 (17)
UpdatedApr 14, 2016 (4 years ago)
DeveloperRo Games
CategoryGames, Role Playing

Curse Of Abandum its a arcade and RPG mix. Select your hero and begin dangerous journey to ancient isle. Fight with monsters, level up your heroes and collect tons of loot to remove curse from isle.

In this game brave heroes will travel to Abandum Isle. Long time ago Abandum was a powerful dwarven kingdom, where the dwarfs found magic material called Imiril. The kingdom was becoming more and more prosperous during centuries, but suddenly something happened on Abandum. Ships that went there have never come back since then. No one returns from Abandum and no one knows what happened there. Thousand years passed and almost everyone forgot about Abandum Isle except for a few clans of dwarves, who are continuously sending expeditions on the island.

Take control of one of many heroes who were in the dwarven expedition and reveal the mystery of Abandum Isle!

Game features:

• Survive on island full of dangers, secrets and epic adventures!

• Seven different heroes to choose: amazon, dwarf, elf, rogue, wizard, valkyrie and vampire. New heroes will be available in updates.

• Level up your heroes so they become more powerful.

• Many dangerous enemies: undeads, orcs, goblins, devils.

• Avoid deadly traps.

• A lot of randomly generated eqipment to wear.

• Various spells to defeat your enemies.

• Plenty of various location to visit such as an old dwarven mine, necropolis, lava fields, ancient dungeons, abandoned caves and other.

• Descent to ancient dwarven dungeons. ( special endless game mode )

• Find and use dwarven forge to craft epic weapon and armor and don't forget to enchant it!

• Easy to play: just swipe right and left.

• 50+ achievements to unlock.

• Scoreboards! Challenge your friends and other people.

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Game contains in-game purchases and ads.

Thanks for playing Dungeon Adventure games! And don't forget to play other games in series.

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