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Customizable QR Code Generator app

Most Useful QR & BAR Code Reader & Highly Customizable QR Code Creator.

The most Useful QR Code,BAR Code Reader And QR Code Creator.
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The Most Important feature Of this App is You can highly Customize QR Code.

-You can scan QR Code or BAR Code using the App.

-You can Create QR code using the App.You can find many options to Create QR Code in the App Which are Described Below:

*Contact:You can convert a Contact information (Name,organisation,Address,Phone,Email & Note etc.) of a Person to QR Code.

*Crypto Adress:You can convert Crypto Wallet Address to QR Code.

*Email:You can convert an Email (With Address,Subject and Full Body)to QR Code.

*Location:You can convert an Altitude and Latitude of Location to QR Code. There is "Auto-locate" option that you allow to convert your Current Location to QR Code Automatically (Using GPS)

*Phone:You can convert a Phone Number to QR Code.

*SMS:You can convert your SMS (with Recipient) to QR Code.

*Text:You can convert a text or in to QR code.

*URL:You can convert a Web link or URL to QR Code.

*Wi-Fi:You can convert your Wi-Fi Connection name and password to QR Code.

How to Use:

Open the App , the Camera Will Open at Main Page(Please Permit CAMERA Permission To Let The App Operate).Then hold it on QR Code or BAR Code. You will get the Result in few seconds.
You can use Flash if you need it in Dark.
You can use Auto-Focus for a better experience.

Tap on the 3 Lines Menu bar to get the Options to Create QR Code which you Need.

You can see the customizing option in the bottom right corner. Use that to highly customized your QR Code

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