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Sep 26, 2017
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Cutecam - Selfie Camera Editor & Expert HD Camera APP

Cute cam is best camera app for selfie with best picture quality, it is professional selfie editor which can be used to take some amazing selfies with various selfie camera filters. It can also be used to make selfies on narendra modi ji. Use the cute cam app and take a selfie, with selfie camera full hd options like setting the timer, selfie flash, selfie light, photo grid, setting the frame aspect ratio, and then edit it, by applying some stunning selfie photo filters and a watermark.

Thinking of taking a selfie? or have any selfie pose ideas ? or want to become selfie expert or selfie raja or rani ? or want to make selfie diary with your pictures ? Want to apply some amazing selfie photo filters to a pic? Want to edit your selfie photo by adding a watermark to it? want to make selfie karaoke ? Then cute cam is the ultimate selfie editor aap to do so. Download the app and be a selfie queen or selfie king with countless selfies using this selfie camera app.


1. Camera of this Selfie stick app
Use the Selfie camera option of this photo editor, to take a selfie. you can use as camera key as volume down key for selfie.

2. Timer of this selfie expert hd camera
The timer option of this selfie editor gives you, a countdown in seconds.

3. Photo grid of this selfie expert camera
Use the selfie photo frame feature of this image editor, to compose, a selfie effectively, by focusing on specific grids in the grid pattern.

4. Photo frame ratio
Choose a photo frame ratio i.e., a 1:1 ratio for a square frame or a 3:4 ratio for a rectangular frame, using this photo editor.

5. selfie Flash light camera or selfie light camera of this selfie camera beauty editor
Take a snap in the dark, by using, the flash feature, of this pic editor.

6. Photo filters
Use the various selfie camera filters for selfie background changer and photo effects of this photo editor.

7. Photo watermark
Choose your favourite photo watermark for the image using, the watermark option of this photo editor.

8. Save
Save the edited image to the phone using this selfie editor.

9. Share
Share the image through platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp etc. using this picture editor.

Cutecam supports full hd camera with full zoom hd with high flash on selfie

How to have fun with CuteCam
Take selfie with narendra modi ji, salman khan, viral kohli , your pet cat, your pet dog and the list goes on. You can also wear jeans & take selfie jeans, add ghost pic & take selfie ghost camera images and the list goes on.
Also take the picture using this applications and game your image by feeding it into age prediction apps and get your age. Take selfie and keep it as selfie lock screen. Take your selfies in night party with full selfie camera hd flash light and timer. Also this app supports any selfie stick available.

How Girls can have fun with CuteCam
This is one of the best selfie games for girls, you can wear jeans and take selfie jeans, wear kurtis and take selfie kurtis

Cute cam is one of the best selfie editors with amazing selfie camera filters and photo effects . Download this top selfie editor or photo editor, take union selfies while you union with your friends , apply a watermark and some stunning photo effects, all for free.

Selfie Tips
To take best Selfie of yours make sure that you change flash mode to auto, and you select the filter that matches to your mood and background then take the selfie. If you are a girl then put enough makeup to take selfie beauty or selfie makeup pics, and make sure that enough light is falling on your face but not on camera by using this selfie camera app with flash. Camera works super fast so you can use it while taking selfies with celebrities such as selfie with narendra modi ji or selfie with modi ji or selfie with salman khan or selfie with bollywood actors or selfie with celebrity or selfie with viral kohli, list goes on.
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