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Cwotit a Social networking app for original quotes & with lots of fun features !

Version1.01 (2)
UpdatedMay 05, 2019 (1 year ago)
DeveloperKarlJoe Ventures
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There used to be a saying that actions speak louder than words but nowadays the vice versa is closer to the truth

Words are singularly the most powerful force available to the human race. We can choose to use this force constructively with words of encouragement, or destructively using words of despair. Words have energy and power with the ability to help, to heal, to hinder, to hurt, to harm, to humiliate and to humble”- Berg

Everyone has a saying of their own and they use various platforms to reveal this passion but what if there is a platform that showcases your Quoting skills.

Well there is one now and it is called Cwotit (derived from the words “Quote it”)

It is a platform designed to encourage ‘quote Gurus’ to showcase their ability, to create original quotes, be a ‘Cwoter’ and spot plagiarism in a fun way. Cwoters need to choose their ‘mood’ and put forth their original quotes. Registered Cwoters have the option to either, ‘like’ or ‘dislike’ another Cwoters quote. They can also follow other Cwoters.

Another feature unique to Cwotit is that the Cwoter dons the hat of a ‘Cwot Detective’ with the intent to spot plagiarized quotes (i.e. an unoriginal quote), catch a ‘Cwot thief’, win a case. Well, we do give the Cwoter the benefit of the doubt so only when 5 detectives claim the quote is plagiarized the “Supreme Cwot Judge” will validate the evidence and only if found guilty it will be sent to Cwot Jail.

A Cwoter starts off as a “Cwot Fresher” but can gradually rise up the ranks to earn the post of a”Cwot Guru”. The higher the number of followers, likes and cases won, the stronger are the chances to retain the Cwot Master’ title. Overall score in terms of ranking, number of likes or dislikes obtained, cases won and lost, will be made available under the Cwoters profile page.

Functionality and Features-
Once you log in there are 4 tabs displayed:-
1. Home page: Displays all the Quotes from Cwoters. The Quotes will be tagged to the username and the Cwot Mood (happy, sad etc) which one can like, dislike or catch for plagiarism. They are also allowed to follow the user
2. Search – Here there will be different categories wherein a Cwoter can choose the appropriate category. In Every Mood quotes by other cwoters will be displayed
3. Cwot Room- Here you can choose from our list of categories and quote your heart out
4. Profile –Here the Cwoter can edit their personal information. You can see the number of followers and quotes by you
There will also be a Cwot Board which will display the following
A. “Cases Won” – wherein you successfully made a Cwot thief go to Cwot Jail or if you have been wrongly convicted of stealing a quote
B. “Cases Lost” – wherein you have been Caught for stealing a Cwot by 5 ppl or you wrongly convicted a Quote for plagiarism
Rank –Cwot Guru- at least 1000 likes, 500 followers and 10 cases won , Cwot Judge–atleast 500 likes, 100 Followers and 5 cases won, Cwot Master – at least 100 likes, 50 Followers and 3 Cases won, Cwot Scholar – at least 50 Likes, 25 Followers and 2 Cases won, Cwot Senior –atleast 25 likes, 10 Followers, and 1 case won, Cwot Fresher- is for the rest

Cwotit is a proprietary product of KarlJoe Ventures and has been developed by Kreem Software Technology

Email: karljoeventures@gmail.com

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